Electric Motor Control - current and VFD drives

electric motor control


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Electric Motors in Use e-Book

By Mike Sondalini

current control drive speed system variable


Electric Motors in Use e-Book
ESBN: C60-592B-1E38-60C2

This 21 page ebook starts with electric motor problems and current protection. Then the author moves on to the more advanced topics of electric motor variable speed drives operation and the effects of process changes on electric motors.

Mixed with in the above sections, plant layout and vibration detection are discussed. There is also sections on the basics related to motor drive systems such as V belts, chains, bearings, grease and lubrication. All in basic technical briefs type format.

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Table of Contents (21 pages)

  • Grease - use the right one for the job. 

  • Equipment and plant layout for improved maintenance. 

  • Electric motor problems. 

  • V-belt drives. 

  • Chain drives. 

  • Electrical Motor Current Protection Saves Your Plant. 

  • Electric motor variable speed drives operation. 

  • Rolling bearing vibration detection. 

  • 6 Secrets of trouble-free lubrication success. 

  • Effect of process changes on electric motors.

Price:  US$19.99   NOW US$12.50   

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